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** Membership in GTLS is required before registration in any course **

 The founders searched the far corners of the earth to discover the highest and best modalities. At GTLS we believe humans should aim for a very high quality of life.  And this system makes it actually possible to reach those quality goals.

 Suffice it to say that at Grand Trine we push boundaries.  In each division we set quality standards that others find very hard to measure up to. Our core members are constantly raising the bar in each division. 

The four divisions of the GTLS are:


The Journey

Joining the Grand Trine Life System sets you firmly on a new path.  It is a path of discovery and fulfillment. Your journey can last only a few months, or you may continue your advancement for many years.

 The Levels of Member Rank in Grand Trine:

  •     General Member
  •     Freshman Member
  •     Pro Member
  •     Master 

 Upon joining as a General Member, you are automatically enrolled in the Tier 1 level program.  Members are now able to customize their Tier 1 experience. Typically there are from 10 to 14 courses offered at the Tier 1 level. You may choose as few as 5, or complete all of them. Pay only for what you want. The membership format allows for reduced costs and greater program optimization.  560 credits are required to graduate Tier 1. Each member can choose any combination of courses to reach the 560 credits, as long as the two mandatory courses are included.  

 Course tuition includes:  Recorded video(s), course study text, research references and live session(s).  Courses in Tier 1 are two weeks in length. Two weeks prior to the live session review the video. Study the topic for two weeks using the text and books. Attend the three hour live session in person or live streaming.  Core courses require two live sessions, and special offer courses require three.      

Register as far in advance as you like. Members are tested after each course for retention.Once you achieve 560 credits or more you graduate from Tier 1 and are promoted to the Freshman Rank.  Typically members take from two to four months to finish Tier 1. Course selection is always changing.  Freshman are eligible to take the Tier 2 level courses and participate in exclusive Tier 2 activities. 

Your Tier 1 program also grants you access to an ample library of free video.  General Members receive support from staff and mentors.  There is also access to the forums and private YouTube channel. 

Sample of Tier 1 Titles & Cost



Cost  $$

The Counterfeit Persona 

120  **


The Energy Body & Heart core

100 **





Orthomolecular Cell Health



House of the Man



House of the Woman



Archetype Systems and Life Cycles



For Women Only!  Relationship Navigation



For Men Only!  Relationship Navigation



The Relationship Underworld



Tantric Science 101






**  mandatory courses **

Tier 2 Level

At the moment there are only four Tier 2 courses.  Attainment of sufficient credits at the Tier 2 level and passing the qualification exam, will certify you as an energy healer.  You rise in rank to the Pro level.  Now things get interesting. 

Above the Tier 2 Level is private.  Indeed there is an entire series of courses and activities in the private or Temple Division.  Pro members may elect to take these courses or work to attain mastery.

The Tier 2 Level courses are longer, more intricate, more robust, and are more experiential than lecture based.  Tier 2 courses are live, and require active participation.  At the end of these courses you will be able to do what you witness the instructors do, if you maintain the dedication. 

Sample of Tier 2 Titles & Cost



The House of Money

Building cash flow and accumulation of passive income assets.

Instrs. Master Yao & Pro members


Advanced Shamanistic Tantra

The "Golden Path" to enlightenment and Bliss

Instrs.,  Master Yao,  D. Green CTP. 


The Spiritual World

The Ethereal Realms, Spirit Entities, ancestors, shamanism 

Instrs.,  Master Yao & Okomfo Surama Brewer, CTP.  


Intimate Relationships & Mating

Heart Core Sys., the art of courting, mate partnerships, relationship formats, etc.

Instrs.,  D. Green CTP., Sara Gibson CTP., Emmanuel Taylor, PhD., CTP., Master Yao 



** All Tier 2 Courses are offered in-person and Live Streaming on Line **

For only $18 per month you can be apart of this amazing system!  

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