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  Dr. Pamela Hall

  Baltimore, MD

  Grand Trine Associate

 Projection, Acupuncture, Reiki & Chinese Herbs

Grand Trine System Tier 1
Making the Art of Love 
Begins October 26, 2018


The Grand Trine System 

Is a program of Life Enhancement.  Seeking to improve relationships, health, psychological and sexual aspects of life.  The system is based in part on Shamanistic Tantra.  It is an active form.  The system is based on a series of special life sciences, of natural and indigenous origin. Of especial utility is a an indigenous system of abnormal psychology, with broad implications for management of relationship conflict. Finally the current system is the result of twenty plus years of experience, hundreds of students and tens of thousands of client hours. Our models are constantly upgraded based on real-world results.   

 Grand Trine consists of three tiers, and the full program can be consumed in a year. The program is not just educational, but transformational as well. About 50% of the class time is spent doing what you learn.  You will change as a result of taking this course.  The live sessions are sometimes supplemented by video.

  The Tier 1 Course

 This is the foundational course leading to the superior relationship/ intimacy skills that the Grand Trine is noted for.

The curriculum includes seven sessions of instruction.  Normally scheduled in a span as short as three weeks or as long as eight weeks.

This course includes the basic mechanics of Hands-On Tantra projection, the dynamics of the counterfeit personality, the House of the Man/Woman and the diet and physical regimens which support a high energy lifestyle.

Students receive a detailed 30 page class handbook.

Instructors have leave to present the course in their style of teaching within the guidelines of  the curriculum.  The core curriculum is divided into 6 major topic groups:  1) The Energy Tower,  2) The counterfeit persona,  3) The mechanics of energy movement,  4) The House of the Man/ Woman, 5) Hands-on Tantra projection,  6) Genital Reflexology  The topics not in that order.  

Course Bibliography includes two books:  Awakening the Master MasculineAwakening the Master Feminine  both by Yao N. Morris.  

About Dr. Pamela Hall                                                               

Dr. Pamela Hall is the founder of Mafa Holistic  (Naked Peace Holistic) where she practices Tantra, Reiki, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Once deemed 'the Christian Zane,' Dr. Pamela specializes in healing, nurturing & sensual touch. She believes that aside from arousal, her clients feel nurtured, cared for and tended; something that men have been severely deprived of. With that, she also believes that her life's mission is to restore balanced and holistic, intimate relationships within the global religious community.  

Her classes, "Making The Art of Love," are open to everyone with special emphasis on couples (how they relate to & understand each other) using Tantra as a vehicle for sexual healing.

About Making The Art of Love

This class is open to everyone with special emphasis on couples (how they relate to & understand each other) using Tantra as a vehicle for sexual healing.

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