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House of the Man/Woman Course

Grand Trine Life System


Companion course to the books;  Awakening the Master Feminine & Awakening the Master Masculine.  This course assists each man or woman to cultivate the masculine or feminine traits which allow them to extract the highest value from life.  The goal of the course is to enable you to get the most out of the books. If you liked the books you will love this course.    

The course consists of ten exciting sessions. Hosted in metro Atlanta or via Live Streaming Broadcast.

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Tier 1 Tantra Course

Grand Trine Life System


The Grand Trine Life System is a Life Enhancement Program, having positive impact to the sexual, psychological, health and spiritual aspects of daily life.

This is the foundational course from the Tantric science which shaped the Tantra movement of the 1990's more than any other.  This is the same science which brought you the books, Awakening the Master Feminine , and Awakening the Master Masculine . Created by Master Yao , Tantra Extraordinaire, Author and Founder of Grand Trine.



360 Degrees of Tantra    (Course)

The Secrets of Energetic & Shamanistic Tantra

Gain greater access to sex.

Increase personal magnetism and energy.

Transform your sexual life.

Heal reproductive issues.

The Tantra topics described in the book,

Awakening the Master Masculine.

$950     Begins September 14 

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