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The Integration System (Heart)

The Most Advanced System Taught At Grand Trine

From the deep past is Resurrected one of the paramount Arcane Sciences

Provides access to dormant gifts and attributes.

Perform high level work with high elementals.

Perfect all aspects of occult power including; Healing, Black Arts Defense, Higher Awareness, Tantra etc.   

The Tier 1 Heart Integrative Course

8 class sessions, (see schedule).  March 9  to  April 28.

In Person (Atlanta) or Live Broadcast.

By: Master Yao and Don Green, CTP.,

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Learn more >> About AMM.pdf

Occult Strategies  

Amanmere Series Number II  

Drawing on the core themes from Amanmere, and going beyond! 

A two-day workshop presented Saturday March 23 & 24.


1. The Counterfeit Extended Family. 

Ancestral counterfeit persona. Epigenetics. The echo based on multi-generational personality dysfunction. Relationship pathology in adults, based on childhood experience. More.    

2. Full Spectrum Sexual Reality.

The epigenetic root of ED in men. Multiple Genital Realities. Sex in 3D, aligning the energy body, light body, quantum body to repair performance. The prison of a limited sexual worldview. Next level reflexology.  

100% Essential.

Pay by February 15, 2019 and receive a FREE copy of the book Amanmere!  Offer invalid once print supply is exhausted. Attend Course in person, or via Live Broadcast. Location in Decatur, Georgia. By Master Yao , Tantra Extraordinaire    

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