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The Grand Trine Organization is an elite society.  Our members are persons of high aspiration seeking the best alternative path.  The Grand Trine Life System is natural, organic and authentic.


Thank you for supporting Grand Trine.  We have revised the catalog/ curriculum.  

Membership is not required to take any course. The financial support of members is key to offering a variety of courses. And the more members we have the more robust the catalog will be.


Right now there are 3 courses in the Tier 1 level. We plan to offer each one twice during each calendar year. The first live Tier 1 Course, The House of the Man/Woman ,   will debut in October 2019. The schedule for this course will post on the site in the next week. This is a "how to" manual for the two books.  


Tier 1 Level Course Schedule

The House of the Man/Woman

$ 470.00

November 2019

The Pain Body and CP

$ 380.00

March  2020 

Active Tantra Tier 1

$ 440.00

March 2020

 These expanded courses contain the core content from the mini-courses.

Tier 2

Right now there are four courses in the Tier 2 Level catalog. Quite a bit is involved in presenting one of these courses. In all cases there are joint instructors and support centers in four cities. All four courses offer professional level certification upon completion. They are more expensive, but for the first offering the cost will remain under $1,000. 

360 Degrees of Tantra is the first Tier 2 course in the queue.  It WILL change your life.  Course begins on September 14. You may take this course without taking Tier 1 Tantra. The 360 Degree course contains the tier 1 bridge. Send a simple email request for the full detailed course schedule.  The tier 2 courses will be offered only once in each calendar year, unless membership increases by 25%.


The Tier 2 Course Catalog

Heart Core Integrative


February  2020

360 Degrees of Tantra


September  2019

The House of Money


May 2020

The Mansion of the Man/Woman


June  2020


Pro Level

There are several private/secret courses offered. They are for advanced members only and not listed on the website. Each one is associated with a secret book or manuscript. The Seven Star System and the Shamanistic Series are among them.

Be on the lookout for a poll/ survey to get your feedback on these changes, and the overall operation of the site. We look forward to your comments.



Master Yao Nyamekye Morris

Do you want to be sick, sad, poor and alone? Or do you want to be prosperous, healthy, and happy?  

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