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The Grand Trine System 
"Next Level" Skills For Living!  
Life Design, Relationship Design, Intimacy Enhancement, Psychology.   
The Grand Trine System  Tier 1
This  is the foundational course leading the the superior relationship/intimacy skills that the Grand Trine is noted for. 
Course Includes:  7 Sessions 
Students receive a detailed 30 page handbook
This course imparts "next level" skills in life design, abnormal psychology, relationship fitness and itmancy training. 


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The Grand Trine System  Tier 2
Transition from hands on projection to hands-free projection. 
Enhance cellular energy
Learn g-spot activation and prostate activation
Explore male seed retention
This course leads to certification as a energy healer
10 Sessions. Duration 8 weeks

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Grand Trine System  Tier 3
Begins with the Master Cell Regimen 
Explore Nei Gong by poloraity work, the Tree of Life, the Bagua System, Macro CP Science
Includes the ultra advanced projection techniques of the Venus Grip (female) and Vaginal Reflex Clock (male).
There is nothing else like it.  Leads to the license of a professional energy healer. 

To register send request for tuition invoice Tier 3 to: 
thegrandtrine@gmail.com  Include name and email.

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The Grand Trine System is a series of sciences, cycles and  modalities that offer improvement in the quality of life. It is especially effective in relationships. Some aspects of the courses allow you to navigate through life better. Other aspects of the courses transform you, so that you are better able to handle the crossroads you encounter in life.  The heart of the curriculum is a model for activation of the hidden attributes which lie dormant in the human DNA. 

 You'll learn:
  • The science behind tantric projection
  • The importance of healing counterfeit personas
  • The science of healing using human bio-energy.
  • Have better, more fulfilling relationships
  • Heal heartbreak and traumas from the past
  • Break the cycle of self defeating habits, patterns and events in your life
  • Activate your G-spot
  • Activate your prostate
  • Psychic self-defense 
 And so much more.  

The courses include aspects of Active Tantra.  Thus sexual performance and orgasmic potential will expand beyond what most can imagine.  Additionally, some students  have resolved reproductive and sexual performance issues using the techniques of the course.  Mentoring and group support is available. In Tiers 2 and Tier 3 students even learn to project the Tantric energy from their hands. And it is not uncommon for women to experience full body orgasms on the table when working with advanced students. The course does NOT involve direct sexual activity or nudity nor is sexual contact between students required or encouraged.   

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