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The Grand Trine System

Tier 2


This course leads to certification as an Energy Healer

Starts June 9 – ends July 28


The "Hands Free" Projection Protocol.  (Tantric Jedi)  

Advanced Energy Healing       

The Activation Techniques;  G-spot & Prostate.       

 Womb Administration

Based in part on the books:  

Awakening the Master Feminine    

Awakening the Master Masculine


Attend the course Live! In Person or via Live Streaming. In person at Atlanta location. Or on line via Video Conference with secure link. Ask questions in real time.

Instructor:  Master Yao , Tantra Extraordinaire, Author and Founder


Male Semen Retention Course

The Game Changer!! 

Enjoy ever improving performance for the remaining years of life. 

8 regular sessions plus several trainings and events.

Begins Saturday May 19. 

Cost $450

By making this purchase the customer agrees to the Grand Trine terms and conditions below.

Instructors and Goals:

Master Yao;  Author and Tantra extraordinaire. Founder of Grand Trine.

D.J. Green;  Certified Tantra Professional.

Emmanuel Taylor Ph.D.,  Certified Tantra Professional. 

Semen Retention is the art of semen recirculation at point of orgasm versus ejaculation.

This course covers both the energetic and physical teachings and training to complete three main goals.

1)  Achieve prostate condition to enable semen recirculation.

2)  Bring the Male Healer Archetype attributes on line.   

3)  Enable males to deliver higher levels of satisfaction.

In the past Grand Trine has achieved a very high rate of effectiveness. However, no guarantee is implied or offered. Results depend on fitness of the participant and proper dedication to the teachings and training. 


Course offered in Atlanta, Baltimore/D.C., Charlotte metro areas. Locations are private and provided after registration. The 8 instruction sessions may be viewed via On-Line Streaming. However the training sessions must be in person. Thus participants must be in proximity to training teams in one of three cities. The schedule for training sessions is different for each city. 

NOTE:  In three of the regular sessions the men will meet separate from the women.  

This course is designed for both males and females. Women will discover a variety of techniques for improving intimacy. The discussion is designed to open the world of men to women so that they can better understand male intimate behavior.

Regular sessions may be viewed via Live Streaming Video conference.    


Course runs from May 19 to about August 11. The actual span of the course will be determined by student progress.  The schedule will vary slightly from city to city. This schedule does not include training events, which must be scheduled individually by group after class begins.   





May 19  Saturday

noon to 2 PM

Sess 1

May 24  Thurs

8:00 to 10 PM

Sess 2

June 2  Sat.

noon to 2 PM

Sess 3

June 3  Sun.

Noon to 2 PM

Sess  4

June 14  Thurs

8:00 to 10 PM

Sess  5

June 23  Sat

Noon to 2 PM

Sess  6

July 5  Thurs

8:00 to 10 PM

Sess  7

July 21  Sat

Noon to 2 PM

Sess  8

Schedule is subject to change.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds on course tuition. No guarantee is implied or offered either for courses or products. Results depend on fitness of the participant.  Customer is solely responsible for the determination of fitness to engage in these activities. Student/customer agrees to hold Grand Trine and Master Yao harmless against all claims or injury.  Students consent to examination and the incidental contact which will occur as a result of table work.  

The Grand Trine System Tier 1 Tantra

This is the foundational course leading to superior healing, relating and intimacy skills. The system is Shamanistic and Indigenous in basis. The three core themes are: 1)Active Tantra; 2) Abnormal Relationship Psychology; 3) The Four Masculine & Feminine Archetypes. The curriculum is aggressive. Includes 7 sessions. 

Based in part on the books:

Awakening the Master Feminine    (best seller)

Awakening the Master Masculine

This Course is Live. Attend in Person, location in Atlanta provided. Or attend on line via Video Conference with secure link. Video requires camera in PC or phone. Streams Live, ask questions in real time.  Sessions recorded.  

The Grand Trine System Tier 1 Tantra

Instructor:  Master Yao , Tantra Extraordinaire, Author and Founder



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