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Grand Trine was founded in 2011 by Master Yao.

Today Grand Trine includes a small staff of healers and teachers offering books, classes, health products and life coaching services.  Our motto is to help each person bring forth the highest and best version of themselves. Only then can you enjoy life to the fullest.

The complete system of classes and services are offered On-Line! 
Live classes are offered in the local Atlanta Metropolitan Area. 

Master Yao, the founder of Grand Trine, is an Author, Healer and Tantra Extraordinaire. 

"During my table work session with Master Yao, I literally felt my womb get so hot it began to burn. Then Master Yao pulled a surge of energy, which  resembled the sensation of a cord being pulled from out from me. That assisted de-blocking my womb. Then he proceeded to open my breast meridians, which have allowed me to experience for the first time breast orgasms. In general, my orgasms have augmented radically. Some of my sexual  breakthroughs during intercourse include my Yoni being able to pulsate on her own, increased gripping which has strengthened my vaginal muscles, and full body and auric orgasms that last extensively each time at will, the experience of orgasm from non-sexual interactions and a general broadcast of pure femininity." ~ Grace Diaz of Graceful Empowerment

I have been doing some intense table work on my husband. Yes! My husband who freaked out about tantra a while back!!! He has been having revelations and has been more focused than I have ever seen him in 12 years. We are going thru some challenges in finding a home but he is able to guide us. He got big insight and this morning we found out we owed 1/3 of what we thought we did on the city taxes. Things are opening up because we are opening up. His expression " this tantra ish really does work huh!" Oh and we got the house!! Thank you for all your support! ~ Jhoselyn - wife/mom/muse/goddess

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